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NailsHow to get the perfect at home manicureWith the economy being so tough, it can be hard to keep up with the ˇ°every two weeksˇ± nail salon routine. Here are some steps you can follow to create a nice, pretty, eye-catching manicure.Tools you will need:Clean hands and nails free of oil and nail polish. Your hands and nails should be dry.

? Emery board/Nail file? Nail polish remover? Nail Clippers? Buffer? Cotton Balls? Nail Polish? Base Coat? Clear top coat

Set up your work area and materials. It helps if you store all of your nail supplied in one place. Select the polish and tools you will you use. By having all of your tools in place, and by selecting them ahead of time, it saves time in the long run. It also helps make sure that you do not mess up your nails looking for your items. The first step is to trim your nails if desired. Next, carefully file and shape your nails. Be gentle when filing your nails, and make sure they are completely dry. Tip: A short, square look tends to work better for bold colors.Some popular colors for this spring and summer are:Mint GreenOrchidPeachAfter shaping and filing, lightly buff each nail. Take care not to over-buff your nails. Next, go over nails with a little nail polish remover to ensure they are dust free and completely free of polish. Now for the polish!Make sure to use a base coat on each nail before applying color. This protects and seals the natural nail, which prevents peeling and yellow nails. Let the base coat dry completely, then apply the first coat of color. Make sure the polish brush has a minimal amount of paint. This helps the polish dry between coats, and prevents bubbles. Once the first coat is dry, apply the second coat of polish. Repeat with the second coat, and then seal with the clear top coat. The most important steps that make the biggest difference in the perfect manicure are filing and buffing, and letting each coat dry before applying the next coat. After you are finished, get glammed up with your makeup, hair and cute outfit. Get ready for compliments. Feel great and love your perfect at home manicure! ? ?

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